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FRS professionals are experienced in providing support for acquisition and logistics organizations in developing life cycle support plans that include the following:

Maintenance planning, maintenance staffing, maintenance support facilities, packaging, handling, storage, transportation and disposal, supply support, equipment, technical data, and training.

Supply Support
FRS supports ordering, receiving, tracking, sending and supplies needed to operate and maintain the solution. This includes activities related to inventory management, cataloging, packaging, handling, storage and transportation for materials needed to support the solution.

Equipment Maintenance
FRS supports the identification, replenishment, maintenance, and calibration of support equipment, ensuring test equipment is maintained in proper operating condition.

Warranty Tracking
FRS supports activities associated with managing warranties including efforts to identify and track items and equipment under their purview that are in warranty and provide timely reports of warranty failures.

In-Service Training
FRS supports activities associated with attrition, training and refresher training of personnel who directly operate, maintain, or provide support functions of the solution including costs associated with specific training.

Engineering Supportability
FRS supports activities required for field and logistics supportability that include finding facilities, systems, equipment and part supplies, fabrication and repair sources, procurement and contracting support, technical documentation and field supportability studies.

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